Five steps to happiness


We were all born searching, its inbred in us to always strive for more, its how we grow & develop as humans. A majority of us try to find this happiness within the material world, or rely on others to make us happy. I was an advocate of this for most of my adult life, but how can you have “everything” and yet feel so miserable? Because HAPPINESS is an inside job, it sounds cliche but its true. No Amount of stuff is gonna fill you up!

You have to fill up your own cup, so it overflows. Then you can serve others, joyfully from your saucer!

Sounds simple, and actually it is and here are 5 steps to help you fill your cup & find your happiness within. 

Step one  Go within

Take some time to sit with yourself and get to know whats going on. This can be tricky, especially if you've got really good at pushing stuff into your subconscious . The trick is not to force things, it will rise its head when the time comes and often when were not expecting it. For now just sit, and be mindful of that moment, notice how you feel, tired, emotional, happy etc how does your body feel and notice how easy it is for you to actually do this task. Maybe Write down some of these thoughts and feelings so you can reflect on your experience.

Step two  Find your tribe

The people we spend time with are a great reflection of ourselves, our vibe attracts our tribe and we are like magnets when it comes to bringing people into our lives at the right Divine time.

Spend time with people that raise your vibrations, that lift you up and radiate positivity. This will have a radiating effect and nourish your spirit.

Stay away from Toxic people, they will only bring you down and create a negative energy around you. Toxic people will never bring the best out in you, high vibes only please.

Step 3  Put your positive hat on

When we aren't "VIBIN" & feeling our best its easy to focus on negative stuff, its almost like we get drawn to the "shit" its something that needs to be learnt but try and see the positive in every situation, even if its a real struggle for example; I've just had a message alert come through from my bank, it's notifying me that I've just gone overdrawn! now it would be easy to be like "OH FFS" this is all i need etc etc...

Flip it on its head, alert comes through, notice how it makes you feel, BREATHE ok, so that bills Been paid, money is in the flow it goes out, it comes in. Instant raise of your vibration & you can cope with it.

It takes some practice, but it really works. What have you got to loose?!

Step Four Gratitude is key

This step goes really well with step 3, to find something to be grateful for in all situations will truly transform your life. Not only will it bring you out of your head and into the now, the universe will respond to your gratitude and bring you more stuff to be grateful for, like attracts like...

Even when the struggles seem REAL and your thinking "I've nothing to be grateful for" take a walk outside, listen to the birds sing, look at the trees move in the breeze, feel the sun on your face, be grateful for your movement. We can ALL find something to be grateful for. 

Step Five Recognise the Flow

This is a super powerful step. When we understand that everything is energy and everything flows we can cope better with the harder times, for in order for the Flow of greatness we must understand the Flow of  suffering.

To go with the flow we must first realise that we can't control everything, things happen that change plans or disrupt our day and we have to just recognise it and let it go, its when we start trying to take control of a situation that we cause stress and anxiety for ourselves. Its important to understand when this feeling comes up for us, at this time be mindful of being in the flow & rolling with the punches!

The secret to happiness is flowing, not forcing.


I hope you enjoyed reading these steps.

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  • @ v.i.o.l.e.n.t on

    thank you sm for this article !!
    ive had a real difficult time lately allowing myself to let certain things go.
    I chose to push all new and good things into my subconscious because i couldn’t let go of the bad I felt I just hAD to focus on. im in the process of becoming who I was again. this was well written and relatable, and so very helpful. i will def be re-reading these steps when I need.
    ps your crystals are beautiful pieces and that chakra bracelet is to die for xxlol

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