Self Love

What is "Self-Love" and what does it really mean?

If you had asked me a few years back if I "loved" myself I would of said yes.

Well, I liked myself thats for sure. But actually I had continuously tormenting thoughts like " I'm not good enough" "I don't deserve it" and had emotional self hate behaviours that actually made me realise I was far from 'loving myself".

So what does self love look like? Well it took me a little while to figure it out but once you understand it, you've cracked it.

Self love is a FEELING...and one day you just get it!

For me it was all about reading books, learning to meditate & working on my spiritual & emotional development. Through this my awareness started to shift and I became totally aware of who I was and what I wanted to achieve.

Through this shift, self love started to flow because I was acknowledging myself and what I needed I felt special and "loved".

Im not saying it's an easy journey and at first you will find yourself slip  into old thought habits but once you've gained the tools to bring your awareness to self love & you recognise the old thought patterns return you can shift yourself back onto the right path.

I found these steps helpful on my journey to self love:

1, Become aware of your inner voice

Firstly be aware of how you treat yourself . We all talk to ourselves in our minds, but are not always fully conscious of that voice and the vibration it's putting us in. 

So first Step-become conscious of your inner voice, pay attention to what you'r telling yourself.

What do you say when you do something amazing, do you give yourself praise, "you'r awesome well done” and what about when you fail at something,''never mind you did a great job though" we really don't do this naturally, we have to consciously  be aware at first to make these changes.

2, Take control of your inner voice

Try to use this affirmation below on a daily basis.


Give it a Go!

Start to take control of your inner voice, I get that the things we hear in our  heads have probably been there our whole lives, but when you start to pay attention to what you tell yourself you can then consciously make the decision to change them. After years of negative self beliefs you can alter your perception of yourself, it just takes a little time and dedication.

3, Love yourself emotionally and physically

Love is a feeling, and love is a verb. Love is just as much about feeling as it is doing! 

So go do something really loving for yourself.

For me this was a difficult one at times, I would always put everyones else first, treating myself made me feel guilty and then the " I don't deserve it" negative thoughts would pop up again. 

I now know that if I spend the time on myself, making myself feel loved I'm I the best place to give it to others.. like the saying goes "happy wife happy life" my self love resonates out to others, they can literally feel it coming from you.

Just try one new treat a week just for you, learn to meditate, go for an hour long walk, have your hair done . Do whatever YOU feel will start to lift your vibrations.

Tell yourself daily-






And let the magic start to happen!

Self Love Box 

Using the power of gemstones to create balance & self love

Take yourself back to a time when you felt really happy and at peace, did you notice how you allowed that feeling to shine outward to your family and friends?

Its that sweet feeling and inner peace that becomes available to you when you connect to your higher self.

Its within this new awareness you can start to bring light to your truth, connecting you to the higher consciousness that comes when you see yourself from that place of love. You will find that you radiate the love that you're giving yourself, which then in turn allows you to really see everyone from that place of unconditional love.

So you see because self love and inner growth go together , you cant have one without the other I have chosen some crystals for you that can help you with both.

Each healing crystal can offer you its very own benefits, emotionally, physically and spiritually. I could write for days telling you about all these aspects but for now I am going to focus on what these gemstones are believed to offer in Regards to Self love, acceptance, self esteem, self expression, self confidence, and inner growth.

 Crystals for self love




Amethyst is said to bring emotional stability and inner strength, 
encourage self worth, positive self image and self love. 
It will build self confidence and bring clarity so you can start to become more in tune with your feelings and get to know yourself on a deeper spiritual level.Amethyst is believed to promote self expression openness and stimulate the third eye chakra.


Calcite is know for its self discovery properties, connecting your heart and mind. It radiates with a profound vibration and nurturing energy that helps you to accept love and value yourself and grow emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. It is said to bring stability in areas of trust in yourself, in will power and increase inner strength

Amazonite Is believed to lessen self defeating behaviours (we all need a little help with that) it will help you to start to understand yourself and build your self esteem, embrace your inner truth and enable you to express it efficiently. It promotes self expression when it come to being creative, help you in areas such as drawing, writing theatrical.

Citrine is believed to be a stone of  self esteem, self confidence , self expression and individuality. It inspires emotional clarity, relieves self doubt and helps eliminate the fear of being judged or criticised. Its incredibly energising so will give you the lift and enthusiasm to work through your issues and make changes.

 Rose Quartz Crystal is known as the 'love stone' as the message it emits is a strong vibration of unconditional love, joy, warmth and emotional healing.These are lovely healing crystals for you to have throughout your home, as they have a loving vibration that is a powerful energy to help to heal relationship problems.They embody a melodious and gentle energy, aiding you to become truly loving, and live life from your heart. Simply keep a piece of this stone nearby and your life will improve for the better. 

Selenite is a stone of purification and has incredible cleansing properties, its said that it can wash your aura of negativity and enable positive love vibrations to be attracted to you, the more you cleanse your aura the more love you will attract within yourself. Once the negative energies are removed you will start to see yourself for the incredible being you really are. It will make you feel hopeful and strong even when things don't feel like they're working out for you. 

Labradorite  Is the crystal for transformation and change, use labradorite to help you along your new path. It will give you strength and protection, while expanding your spiritual awareness and enabling you to tap into the magic that is within you. When you feel you've been doing too much and you need to re set your self love button it will give you energy and boost your spiritual abilities.


Crystal Blessings 

Sammy X

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